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Post  exzz on Fri 19 Feb 2016, 14:48

Player: http://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/162384/select/extended/
Match: http://eu.cybergamer.com/match/666910/
Demo: http://eu.cybergamer.com/demo/74140/


Round 1 - So we can see just in this first round that my opponent cheating,he moving to a ally,and he didnt check anything under backet,long anything,he didnt peak or lean or something like that,he just aimed me through the wall and he killed me,he didnt hear me or anything i was whole fucking time on c . 1:55-1:45

Round 2 - Again he is going to a ally,again he didnt check anything backet long spawnstairs nothing because he know this time i didnt was there 1:51-1:45 so he moved to spawnroof and he checking only b why only b because he know i am there so he just prone under for couple seconds and he go up and again he only checking b he didnt watched a corner a roof or axis spawn he just watched fucking b till he saw me and killed me with granade. 1:30-1:00

Round 3 - Watch careful this round watch his fucking movements and spots what the fuck he doing on that b top he just checking banana because he know i am there fucking cheating retard. 1:45-1:32

Round 6 - Like round 3 watch careful his movements in this round too,so he is under backet/spawnstairs whatever and look what he is doing when he is under spawnstairs,why he checked that corner and then b pl he know i am there this is perfect example when cheater giving rounds for free and ofc this was first time he checked that only round when he checked that i was there. 1:45 - 1:38

Round 7 - Again watch careful his movements in this round too,because its really funny how bad he cheated against me,he climbed up to b top and he know im am somewhere in b ally,but how watch that movements and timing perfect avoiding,when i hear him on b roof i went to b balcony or b stairs he moved behind garage roof so i cant kill him,and then when i went down he moved behind embankments and then i tryed to climb on ladder roof watch then what he doing he watched right in that movement ladder roof,and then he leted me to kill him 1:50-0:43

Round 8 - Watch this round from begining,he wanted to go in a corner but,he saw me trought the walls,i am going on left spawnroof and he comes back on axis spawn to watch that,and now i asking myself why he do that for the first time aswell he doing that 2:00-1:30

Round 12 - He just run and run on a,he didnt check anything and he plented the bomb,and he climbed on a roof and when i arrived on a pl,he aimed me trought the wall and killed me 02:00-1:40

Round 13 - One more example when cheater let rounds go,so he is behind spawnroof he saw me on b top but he didnt saw me when i jumped down on middle,and he just runing in a ally so i can hear him and when he starts planting,he just watching banana no nades no a corner no a ally just fucking banana but why he didnt saw me he didnt hear me or anything. 1:48-1:30

Round 14 - How he know i am on a pl,he just runing jumping on b roofs and he just watching trought walls on a,he didnt check b stairs b pl b truck german spawn he just watching trought the walls a pl obv cheating 1:48-1:24

Round 16 - Again he just runing on b he didnt check again anything this time he even didnt watch a corner or anything because he know i am going from behind trought a ally planting infront b pl 1:45-1:00


Round 3 - Again round what cheater giving for free,He is on a mg and he exactly watching car on middle road,because he know i am there and then he just climbed to a top and watching german house up pathetic 01:00-0:50

Round 4 - So he saw me in german down house and he moving on b pl,when i went on a pl but why he planting infront b pl,how he know i went on a he didnt was in the german house i could be still in the german house or basement or behind house in garden obv cheating 1:45-1:15

Round 10 - He saw me behind b pl and he trowed the granade right on me,and then he aiming trought the wall right me 1:21-1:11

Round 11 - This is very funny round for me like on tj when he tryed to check the little corner when you are under spawnstairs on allies spawn,so just watch what he doing all the time aiming trought the walls,avoiding and perfect timing to aim me 1:40-0:52

Round 12 - Watch whole round just another example how cheater giving rounds away 02:00-0:50

Round 14 - Last round and for me my favorite round,so watch carefully what he doing watch that avoiding watch that timing and watch that fucking unbeliavible spot to watch a cross under a top this is for me most obv thing what he did to me fucking obv cheating in 2016 1:46-1:04

For me this guy cheats to many funny rounds,perfect timing,whole match i didnt have opportunity to kill him from back,he have rounds when he exactly know where i am but ofc he didnt hear me or saw me or anything so for me this guy cheating. gOOdBy

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Demo reviewed

Post  blueangel on Sun 21 Feb 2016, 20:48

I've reviewed the timestamps and I find this player suspicious, but not enough to call him a cheater.
I've seen some strange movement, but that could've been lucky timing, which isn't something rare. Rounds like that are 2, 14, 16 on Toujane and that's about it.
I vote clean on this one, but we should keep an eye and see if this player gets his name called again.


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Re: [DEMO][select][UID=162384]

Post  exzz on Sun 21 Feb 2016, 21:35

Player found CLEAN.

/Case closed

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Re: [DEMO][select][UID=162384]

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