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Post  exzz on Sat 05 Sep 2015, 00:31

Player: http://eu.cybergamer.com/profile/262231/srdR/extended/
Match: http://eu.cybergamer.com/match/620520/
Demo: http://eu.cybergamer.com/demo/67989/


Round 2 - 1:42 - it's an avarage timing to A corner
Round 3 - 1:44-1:43 - he cant see him but walks and zooms street exactly when i come there
Round 4 - 1:25-1:20 - he is waiting until i am getting visible on A strange hideshow...
Round 5 - 1:17-1:15 - he cant see me going to A stairs but after some hideshows he goes up and zooms in A stairs's corner
Round 7 - 1:16 - he jumps out did not even zoom at under A roof and cant see me going to anywhere. After plant 0:50- 0:40 cant see me just through walls when i reach there he suddenly moves away
Round 9 - 1:50-1:30 - he realises me coming at spawnroof so he moves away and after tries to gets me
Round 11 - 1:45 - don't see me at garage but zooms there
Round 12 - 1:55-1:50 - when he realises i am coming A alley he moves his crosshair there
Round 13 - 1:45-1:40 - he waits until i reach there and zooms out and tries to kill me
Round 15 - 1:40 - why does he check B cross now ? never did before
Round 16 - 1:40-1:20 - he is waiting for me to come out


Round 2 - 1:54-1:53 - HE ZOOMS ME THROUGH WALLS :DDD
Round 3 - after plant 0:50-0:45 - he moves only when a goes away
Round 5 - 1:35-1:30 - why does he check his spawn from there?
Round 7 - 1:25- 1:17 - he never check mg before now when i am there he checks it twice as if ....
Round 8 - 1:15-1:05 -
Round 9 - 1:19-1:05 - his timing always perfect when needed...
Round 10 - 1:45-1:42 - why does he come back from B? when i come mid garden he checks it...

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Demo reviewed

Post  blueangel on Sat 05 Sep 2015, 18:38

Round 2 - 1:42 - it's an average timing to A corner
Round 3 - 1:44-1:43 - he cant see him but walks and zooms street exactly when i come there
Round 4 - Nothing strange here, checked A corner after checking other spots. Same goes for round 3 and 4, standard spot checking. If he saw you under the cage and you're not showing up there, it's logical to check if you're approaching from the right. Round 4 - nothing suspicious at all.

Round 5 - It was a bit strange that he checked A stairs only in this round, but he did check all the other spots on A, plus you weren't crossing B, you weren't on mid. So the only 3 possible spots on the map would be axis spawn, laying down in A shop or A stairs, which is why he checked it.

Round 7 - He did make a sound when leaving bug, so srdR could have known he's not there anymore. And after the plant player lazz approached him from back and failed, srdR turned around and killed him which seemed pretty normal to me.

Round 9 - It was kinda logical to expect lazz showing up either on spawnroof or B long. I mean, where else could he be if he's not on spawn stairs or buckets at first 10 seconds of the round.

Round 12 - That's how most of the players approach A roof with caution on A alley. If he had had wallhack, he would have known he's in A alley and wouldn't have tried to climb the A roof in the first place.

Round 13 - Nothing strange here.

Round 15 - Round goes in, you're not on A, not on longroof, not on mid. He went to A shop to cover corner and B cross. Seemed perfectly normal to me.

Round 16 - He was just camping in the mid shop for the whole round until "lazz" planted on B.

I vote clean on this one.


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Re: [DEMO][srdR][UID=262231]

Post  exzz on Sat 05 Sep 2015, 18:52

Player was found CLEAN.

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Re: [DEMO][srdR][UID=262231]

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